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Don't Throw Away Your Avocado Seeds!

Many delicious vegetables and fruits purposely leave behind seeds, capable of reproducing more food. Don't throw away your seeds! Give life a chance by replanting the seeds, even if it takes weeks, months, years, to grow. If your parents planted an avocado seed, years later, you would be able to enjoy the fruit of their contribution. In turn, you can plant seeds from the very same tree and nourish your children and your children's children.


  1. Carefully remove the seed from the avocado

  2. Give it a good wash, removing the meat from the seed

  3. Dry the seed with a towel

  4. Insert 3 long toothpicks around the center of the seed, slanted at a downward angle

  5. Fill up a reusable container with water

  6. Allow only half of the seed to touch the water

  7. Continue to fill the container with water to ensure the seed is touching the water

  8. Weeks or even months later, you will start to see roots sprout from below the seed as well as shoots sprouting at the top

  9. Once there are an abundance of roots and shoots, remove the plant from the container and plant directly into the ground

  10. Give your plant love and care and most importantly, patience!

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