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Hawaii Without Tourism During COVID-19

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

In this video you could see two very connected SDGs being referred to: SDG 15: Life on Land, and SDG 14: Life below Water. These two SDGs are responsible for building a foundation for all life on earth to exist.

Looking at SDG 15 first, our lands are in dire need of proper stewardship. Through improving life in the inside world, we have forgotten that we need to take care of life in the outside world as well. For the past hundreds of years humanity has lived in a one-way dynamic with nature where we take materials from the ecosystem, make products we need, and once we are done with the product, we discard it in the quickest manner without giving thought to how it will be reintroduced into nature.

Usually all our waste goes into landfills where it pollutes the soil not only for the rest of our life span, but even for the next generations to come.

Connecting to this is SDG 14, as the trash found on land finds its way to the oceans and seas, where it pollutes the most valuable resource we have: water. We need to find ways to live in more harmonious ways with land and water around us and create a symbiotic relationship, realizing we all depend on the same earth.

Check out how easy it can be to find ways on reducing our waste and its impact in our Global Community Resources in the Waste category.

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