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Working During COVID-19 & State of Emergency in Japan

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Of course the COVID-19 pandemic has made the aspect of having decent working conditions both a little easier and a little harder. While one is in the comfort of one’s own home, doesn’t have to deal with traffic which means saving time and money regarding commuting, and can fill dead time with household administration, this last aspect also puts a burden on people.

Having to be subjected to all of the distractions one has in the home, can sometimes lead to lesser quality in both work and personal life as it is hard to separate the two while constantly being in the same physical location. Although technology has made surmounting both work and household tasks a lot easier, innovation in this aspect still has to go some way to increase the positive impacts of working from home.

This brings us to the second SDG mentioned: SDG 9. One of the things we all got used to is the aspect of tele-working through web meetings and shared documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.

However, it is not the same as being in a workplace where all aspects such as computers, servers, phones, and printers are provided. Many people do not possess the means to equip their home like an office with all necessary gadgets.

While at first this is a barrier to development, it seems there is also opportunity for innovation, for example in regard to secure document transfer in digital form, long-range phone communications separate from phone plans, and secure cloud-based data storage.

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