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The road towards Sustainability can be long. We are here to help navigate it.



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Living in a rapidly and ever-changing world, learning should not end with schooling. Becoming a life-long learner is what our world needs to continuously improve and create better lives for everyone. Therefore, our global resources are not just available to our student groups, but accessible to all.



Students are quite literally our future. Through our student programs we have facilitated and supported student learning for more than 10 years, tapping into culture and all fields of sustainability.With our help, students get hands-on experience and knowledge that has produced wonderful results not only for their studies, but aid them in their preparation for the road ahead.



As we see it, teachers are one of the most important elements in preparing our  society for the future and bringing about change. Being only humans themselves, also teachers need a helping hand at times. We are here to provide that. Our lesson plans and seminars provide teachers with inspiration and training on how to navigate the difficult field of Sustainability Education.

How We Help

Learner Resources

Our Learner resources are your one-stop resource collection from around the world, including both in-house created and carefully selected information assembled by LbE's Teams and Sustainability Professionals.


Student Programs

Our Student section is your access point to exclusive content and platforms for your LbE Program, including your program details, our Discussion Pods and project examples from the LbE Legacy Hall.

Teacher Seminars

Our Teacher Seminars are for all educators who are looking to lift their teaching to the sustainability level, including Systems Thinking, Circular Economy, and more.


Who We Are

A Unified Solution

Standing for "Learn by Experience", LbE is simultaneously our name and our motto. In our businesses, we provide learners with educational experiences that exceed the conventional classroom and make learning not just theoretical.

​Created by the network of LbE companies, LbE Sustainability is expands our operations and making us a one-stop-shop for all things sustainability. 

​Find out more about our companies, our mission and our commitment to sustainability on our About Us page.

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