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Welcome to your Student Center! Here, you will find more information regarding programs, watch our LIVE! videos as part of online programs, have collaborative and meaningful discussions with discussion pods, and view content exclusively created by program participants and YOU! Once a member, always a member. We welcome you to follow the progress of your content, as well as see new content come in. 

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Join us in real time in LbE Sustainability LIVE! Primarily a component of LbE's Enrichment Programs, members are welcome to watch lectures, demonstrations, virtual field trips, and more - right at your fingertips.

Outdoors Meeting

Program Information

If you are an upcoming, current, or former LbE Enrichment Program participant, you may access program information from program schedules, workbooks, program leader biographies, online tutorials, and more!

Discussion Pods

Nothing is more valuable than a discussion amongst your peers in a safe environment. Have meaningful discussions and complete group work in our Discussion Pods. 

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Project Library

Discover student-created project material to see how they have "LbE" (learned by experience). Student groups who have contributed content may keep track of their comments .

Achievement Badges

Upon successful completion of program(s), service, project(s), and/or action(s), our participants may be honored with an Achievement Badge. If you earn all Achievement Badges, you will receive a certificate.

Award Winner
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