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Food Delivery During COVID-19

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

These two SDGs are connected in several ways, most notably when it comes to using provisional systems such as delivery of products and responsibility regarding what side effects to using such systems are, additional products necessary for example.

In the video we could see that while the food was delivered, the containers used were made of styrofoam and that one has to specify that utensils should not be included. Through aiming to make everything as convenient as possible, many innovations neglect the impact their products will have as financial costs stand at the forefront of concerns.

While this is something not easily controlled by consumers, the best way is the aim to take out using something in the first place, such as utensils for example.

Check out how easy (and cheap) it is to take out the need for utensils and other by-products in our LbE Community Resources in the Top Countdowns category.

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1 Comment

Food delivery was very useful during emergency declaration period!

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