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I Want to Go Back to School (During COVID-19)

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

In this video we could see two SDGs pop up: SDG 8 - Decent Work & Economic Growth, and SDG 4 - Quality Education, which stand in an interesting dynamic of interdependence.

While the pandemic has closed not only places of work but also schools, the home became both workplace and classroom, however without supervisors or teachers. Working from home is already stressful for many people, just as taking online classes for students. As one provides the livelihood and the other the foundation for the future, having the aspects of work and education clash in such a manner can be detrimental to both, especially if the right equipment is not there.

While many people gain access to computers and all necessary things in their workplace and school, at home this is not the case for most. As we could see in the video, this is a barrier that could be solved through government support, however that should not necessarily be the case.

Linking to the “Decent Work” aspect of SDG 8, compensation and benefits should be covered by the employers and should not become an additional burden to the employee.

Equally, appropriate equipment should be provided to students so that they can fulfill their responsibilities as a student, especially when looking at the workload that many students have to surmount. Even though this is connected to governmental support in regard to schools, this could also be solved by the companies that manufacture the necessary equipment and provide services like internet access for example.

Of course companies need to watch for the bottom line to continue employing their staff and themselves, it needs to be differentiated between necessities and luxuries. Through the COVID19 pandemic we have seen that there has been a switch from computers and internet access being a luxury, to them being a true necessity.

On the one side, this is important in order for working people to keep being productive and add value to society and economy, and on the other side, it is very important for people to be able to receive proper education that founds the basis for all of our future.

Check out what the options are to find access to technical equipment in our Global Community Resources in the Economic Development category.

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Every school have to give the computer or tablet for students.

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