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Parenting During COVID-19 in Hawaii, USA

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

In this video you could see SDG 4: Quality Education.

This SDG is one of the foundational elements that provide us with a better future. The idea and implementation of education for all has been revolutionary and is a true driver behind every aspect of our development. May it be in or outside of the classroom, the opportunity to learn is a valuable gift.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that we are nowhere near providing quality education for all however. Through schools being closed, and many people losing access to computers, education suddenly had a huge barrier. Especially low-income communities, who arguably need proper access to education the most, were left behind.

While systemic education is something that is hard to solve on an individual level, giving support to organizations to do have an effect is in dire need.

Check out how easy it is to support local education in our Global Community Resources in the Education category.

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