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How COVID-19 Affected Students in Hawaii

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

In this video you could see SDG 13: Climate Change, and SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities pop up.

Starting with SDG 13, the pandemic has actually had quite a positive

impact on our pollution levels, especially the pollution levels stemming from personal and industrial transportation. This has once again shown that there is an undeniable connection between the way humans choose to live and the effects we have on our planet. Showing how quickly we may be able to turn things around before it is too late for our climate to recover, is a directional sign we need to be aware of once things resume to function.

If there is one thing we can learn from the pandemic is that it is us who have to make the decision, even if it means living more modestly. This connects us to the next SDG, SDG 11.

While we have to change our thinking regarding consequences of our actions, city leaders have to do their part in creating the frame to facilitate a new and better way of life, especially regarding transportation.

While personal transportation is only sometimes necessary, we currently do not have comparable alternatives when it comes to public or shared transportation. We need to hold our leaders accountable in their decisions regarding efficient transportation options for public use in order for us to be able to reduce our impact.

Check out how easy it can be to reduce your environmental footprint in our Global Community Resources in the Energy category.

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