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How COVID-19 Affected ESL Education

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

In this video you could see SDG 4, which is focused on Quality Education and showed that COVID-19 had a strong impact on the ability to provide education in the future.

Especially when it comes to learning first or second languages, the restriction we have to follow limit the impact the teachings have. This is an important aspect to consider when thinking about how to connect traditional education and digitalization in the most meaningful way and ensure that we don’t lose anything in the process.

While we have innovative ways to combat some of the negative impacts on education, the pandemic has shown holes in our thinking that we had not necessarily been aware of. Education is a key driver in raising people out of poverty and helps to meet other facets of sustainability more easily.

Check out how important it is to find innovative educational approaches in our Global Community Resources in the Education category.

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